WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will make it easier for its users to catch up on status updates by their family and friends.

The Meta-owned messaging app, as per a new report, is planning to introduce a feature that will let users view status updates within the chat list

As of now when users view the chat list in WhatsApp, they see the last message shared with the contact along with the delivery status of the message in form of single and double ticks

In addition to this, the messaging app also shows if a particular message has been read by the recipient if the feature is turned on. All of this inform is displayed under the name of the contact.

A screenshot of the feature shared by the blog site shows that when the feature arrives in the app, WhatsApp users will see status update by the contact under the name of the contact instead of the last message shared.

The blog site said that “when a contact uploads a new status update, it will also be visible within the chat list: you just need to tap their profile picture to view the status update

While this is useful for keeping up with the updates of people who do share status updates on WhatsApp, it is not particularly helpful in case of contacts who don’t share status updates.

It is worth noting that this feature was first reported earlier this year but it is only now that WhatsApp has started rolling it out to select beta users